New Zealand’s way of working

New Zealand

Planning to work in New Zealand? It’s important to understand the work style of the country and how the workplace operates. Every country is different when it comes to how they like to work, so how do you fit in successfully in the workplace in New Zealand.

One of the first things to know is that employers in New Zealand value a positive attitude in the workplace, they’ll be looking for employees who are excited to contribute their own ideas and feedback in the workplace. New Zealand is known for being a country of pioneers and problem solvers. For a small country, New Zealand is often well ahead and always looking for new ideas and ways to do things.

One thing to expect from working in New Zealand is that you will likely work in much small organisations, many of New Zealand’s business have less than fourteen employees and are much smaller than businesses in countries like the United States.

In New Zealand companies with less than 20 employees are responsible for around 40% of the economic output of the country. The much smaller businesses means that New Zealand has a very unique working life compared to other countries. Employees often have more direct access to the leaders of their business which means they can have more of an ability to influence things in the organisation. There are also often less organisation layers to worry about, which means that employees have a larger and more important role to play in the business. Workers in smaller business often find that they are asked to specialise less in one small area and take on a greater variety of tasks. New Zealand is an excellent place for people to start out as it offers hands on opportunities to workers.