How SriLankaNZ is bringing together Sri Lankan communities within New Zealand


New Zealand is host to a huge number of different communities of varying ethnicities and nationalities. Proudly standing as one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, New Zealand is home to populations of Middle Easterns, Asians, Indians and Sri Lankans.

With over 18,000 Sri Lankans residing within New Zealand, it makes complete sense for this community to create forms of media, communication and ways to keep in touch and keep that sense of community and culture alive. People across the world put their trust and time into newspapers as a way to keep on top of current world events, as well as events within their local areas and communities.

This is no different for the Sri Lankan demographic within New Zealand. SriLankaNZ aims to provide a regular newspaper for the community to consume and keep in touch with their culture and fellow Sri Lankans in the same area. SriLankaNZ was Founded by Harsha Weerakoon with CJ (Charith) Ekanayake the co-founder. Together they have formed a team which aims to provide their community with a way to stay in touch with each other whilst creating a bond between the members of the population who share their culture and interests.

The newspaper is available in both English and Sinhala and is freely distributed in over 30 different outlets within New Zealand. With 24 to 32 pages per piece, SriLankaNZ keeps the people occupied and entertained whilst informing them of current events in the world, New Zealand and within their community. It is always important to make people feel at home, especially when they have moved from a country which is vastly different to New Zealand, and by having this type of media, they can feel connected to others in the same situation as them. What is most interesting about SriLankaNZ is that it accepts articles from many different types of people and caters to all forms of age groups and demographics. This further allows people to feel connected, as their voices can be heard and communicated to their community, creating a feeling of bonding and connection which is so important for people.

SriLankaNZ creates that connection within the community in New Zealand which is so important. It serves a higher purpose than just a newspaper, and acts as a way for people to be heard within their communities and feel like they truly belong.