How to plan your next overseas trip with such uncertainty

How to plan your next overseas trip with such uncertainty

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic having halted foreign travel for a large chunk of 2020, the global tourism industry is in freefall. In Australia alone, more than 65% of jobs have been lost, and many of these won’t be replaced until international tourism can resume normally. The Australian tourism sector would usually employ around 660 000 people per year; however, current numbers put the labour force at a miserly 230 000 right now. With such uncertainty, is there any hope that you’ll be able to plan your next overseas trip? Well, let’s briefly run through some things you can do so you can start planning your trip now and get in first when the barriers are opened again.

Settle on a location first

Your first step should be to pinpoint a location you want to travel to and experience. Once you have a place in mind, check out their current international travel restrictions and coronavirus numbers. Some nations are more ahead in terms of overcoming or suppressing the spread of the virus (like New Zealand and Australia), whereas others, like India and Brazil, appear to be in for a second wave. Pick a country that is more likely to open its borders soon.

Stay up to date

The next best thing you can do is stay up to date. It’s forecasted that travel bubbles will soon open, allowing for both domestic and international travel. So, keep your eye open for any news in that area.

Start planning as you usually would but don’t specify dates

Once you have a location in mind, start planning the outline of your trip (like length, specific locations, accommodation) without putting a strict timeline or date to your trip. Things could change very rapidly, and having a contingency plan is essential!