Why the quality of life in NZ is great

Why the quality of life in NZ is great

New Zealand has an excellent work life balance and value all the important things in life, like spending time with family and friends, enjoying leisure time and doing hobbies. The country consistently rates high on quality of life rankings, beating out many other developed nations with much larger economies, so why is that?

Part of the reason is that New Zealand covers a huge land size with only a small fraction of the population of other developed countries such as the UK or Japan which means that everyone isn’t living on top of each other and there is less pollution and congestion. Less people cramped together means a reduction in health issues and less competition for space and natural resources which means costs for housing and utilities are more reasonable.

It’s also got a higher quality of life because companies in New Zealand value good work/life balance with many of them offering staff flexible working arrangements. New Zealand also has excellent leave entitlements available, leaving plenty of time for workers to take time out and enjoy their beautiful country.

There are also many different lifestyle options in New Zealand, whilst there are no endlessly sprawling cities, there are beautiful inner-city urban areas that offer all the comforts of having a city at your doorstep, but only a little way further you’ll find suburbs and semi-rural areas within easy reach of urban spaces. If you prefer your space it’s easy to find acres upon acres of uninterrupted land in New Zealand.

One of the great things about New Zealand and one of the reasons it often ranks so highly for quality of life is because commutes are much shorter. The cities and towns aren’t so crowded which means less time spent in traffic and more time at home.