New Zealand one of the best places to live for life balance

New Zealand one of the best places to live for life balance

The word is starting to get out – New Zealand is a great place to live. Filled to the brim with incredible work opportunities and beautiful places to live, the country provides an almost unparalleled quality of life. New Zealand is a dream destination for many expats and has an impressive job market for those born in the country. In previous years it’s ranked highly as one of the best countries to live in when it comes to quality of life. So what is it that makes New Zealand so wonderful when it comes to work/life balance?

One of the main reasons New Zealanders experience such a great work/life balance is because the country promotes great work culture. People in New Zealand are relaxed and friendly and good relationships between managers and employees are encouraged.

There are also great flexible working conditions available to many Kiwi’s. A stats NZ survey found that over half of the workers surveyed had flexible start and finish times. A much higher ratio of Kiwi jobs are also home based compared to other countries.

Some New Zealand companies like Perpetual Guardians are also trialling four day work weeks to help improve work/life balance.

Additionall, many Kiwi’s have great access to parental leave, with up to 22 weeks of paid leave and 12 months of parental leave available with plans to extend paid leave to 26 weeks. New Zealand has some of the best parental leave entitlements, annual leave arrangements and flexible work options in the world making it the perfect place  for people looking for a better quality of life and more time at home to settle. New Zealander’s enjoy a great work environment and it’s set to only get better in the future.