How to host an epic Christmas party for friends and family

Christmas party

Christmas is around the corner, and if you’re planning to host a Christmas gathering then you don’t have much time left to prepare! Luckily, hosting a killer Christmas party doesn’t need to be a hassle if you follow the simple tips below.

Grab some drinks

What’s a Christmas party without some alcohol? For better or worse, we love to knock back a few during Christmas, and after a year like 2020, you could be forgiven for wanting to let loose a little (or a lot).

Of course, if you have a family gathering where children will be present, then you should endeavour to create an adult drinking area separate from where the kids play. This will make it easy for you to ensure there’s no risk of kids consuming alcohol.

Pump up the jams

You will obviously need some music in the background to keep the party vibe upbeat. You don’t necessarily need to play Christmas music, just set up a playlist of great tracks or invite attendees to offer their own suggestions.

Try to ensure that your music system is located such that people don’t trip over any wires or spill any drinks onto it. Also, make sure the volume is the right level so that its loud enough to be enjoyed but not so loud it drowns out conversation.

Organise a great spread of food

Naturally, the food you are going to serve is a key consideration with any kind of holiday gathering, and this is no less important when it comes to Christmas. The most searched Christmas dishes by Kiwis are turkey and trifle, with ham, eggnog, gingerbread and pavlova following close behind.

The ultimate Christmas spread would likely feature all or most of these dishes, but you can get away with preparing one or two. At the very least, try to have a main meat option like turkey or ham and then a treat like trifle or pavlova for dessert.

Add some decorations

If you want to take your Christmas party to the next level, get some festive decorations and hang them up around your home. You should also make sure that your Christmas tree is looking great and has space for family and friends to place presents that they’ve brought along.

Relax and have fun

Don’t let yourself become stressed about making sure the gathering is perfect in every way – the most important thing is that you have fun with family and friends. Focus on creating cherished memories with the ones you love, since that’s what Christmas is all about!