Xcel-Arc Redemption Program of 2021

Xcel-Arc Redemption Program

2020 has been a remarkably difficult year for the world, and the commendation goes not only to the pandemic but also to the natural and man-made disasters that wreaked havoc all over the world. People are forced to accommodate themselves with the new normal like lockdowns, travel bans, mask rules, new restrictions, and many more. The pandemic has affected many industries and companies which has ultimately led to the poor economic crisis.

In this time of struggle and crisis, it was very important for the companies to come up with new innovative ideas for a redemption program.

Xcel-Arc Welding NZ by Esseti NZ Ltd, a Kiwi-owned organization based in Palmerston North, New Zealand, interestingly came up with amazing deals in their redemption program of January-February 2021 to kick off 2021 with a positive touch.

Much free stuff, and welding accessories were given away free of cost during these two months. The company successfully fulfilled their attempt to promote themselves on the social media platforms, websites, and Google ads during the period of redemption. They also had provided printed media, flyers, and posters to the stores to expand their reach to the customers.

About the redemption

The promoter of the redemption was Esseti NZ Ltd and the validation of the redemption deal was announced by the Xcel-Arc was from 01/01/2021 to 28/02/2021 promotional period.

The redemption deal was based on a few terms and conditions applied by the company. Claims that were not following those terms and conditions were ineligible and rejected. The customers who purchased a machine with a redemption deal attached to it were eligible for the claim and the data was registered online at the Xcel-Arc website.

The company had kept a record of the redemption claim from its customers to check and verify that it was genuine before they could ship the package to the recipient’s address.

Xcel-Arc Products and Redemption items Offered

  • XA-TIG320RZ AC DC Welding Machine Redemption deal – XcelArc AS7000D Digital Automatic Helmet and Remote Foot Control
  • XA-TIG180V, XA-TIG200CRZ, Welding Machines Redemption deal
    XcelArc Toxic Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
    XcelArc Tig Welding Gloves
    Gas Lens Collet Body
    Tungsten Electrodes
  • XA-MIG185 Welding Machine – XcelArc Welding Jacket, Mig Torch Holder and MIG Spares Starter Kit
  • XA-TIG200PRZ , XA-TIG200V Welding Machines
    Tig Torch Holder with Magnetic Base
    XcelArc Welding Jacket
    XcelArc Tig Welding Gloves
  • XA-MIG200RZ Welding Machine – XcelArc Blue Tradesman Welding gloves, MIG Spares Starter Kit
  • XA-MIG200WRZ, XA-MIG250CRZ, XA-MIG250DRZ, XA-MIG250WRZ, XA-MIG350WRZ, XA-MIG350SWF, XA-MIG500RZSWF Welding Machines Redemption deal for all
    XcelArc AS7000D Digital Automatic Helmet
  • XA-CUT30V Cutting Machine – XcelArc Parts Box No.1, XcelArc Abrasion & Heat Resistant Glove
  • XA-CUT45, XA-CUT80 Cutting Machines – RazorShield Auto Darkening Welding Goggle Faceshield Kit
  • XA-ARC160RZ, XA-ARC200RZ Welding Machine – XcelArc Blue Tradesman Welding Gloves, XcelArc Skull Rag, XcelArc RazorWeld Carry Bag
  • XA-ARC180, XA-VA140, XA-VA160 Welding Machines- XcelArc Blue Tradesman Welding Gloves, XcelArc Skull Rag

The company also offered many bonus items in the purchase of selected Xcel-Arc products.

For the purchase, the registration details were available on the website of Xcel-Arc https://www.xcelarc.nz/redemptions/. The registration was not available through processes like mail, fax, or email. The customers needed to fill in all their details as per the form to redeem their claim. During this time, the company also provided special customer care services to handle the product and claim-related queries in a more effective way. It was mentioned It would take an average of 6-8 weeks for the redemption delivery.

Xcel-Arc had mentioned a special thanks to all its customers who took an interest and participated in the amazing redemption deal of the financial year 2021.