Indisputable facts about living in New Zealand


New Zealand is undoubtedly a great place to live, a land of stunning vistas and beautiful weather. Like any place around the globe, it has a few drawbacks, but Kiwi’s enjoy an amazing lifestyle and a fantastic work / life balance. If you live in NZ or have ever visited, you’ll know that there are many things about the country that make it unique, read on below for a few of the biggest truths about New Zealand.

Kiwi’s are super friendly

People in New Zealand are renowned for being friendly. The country sees a lot of tourists, backpackers, expats and visitors from all around the world and Kiwi’s are always quick to embrace new people. Expect to find them striking up conversations and being kind to each other and to you.

Kiwi’s are named after a large flightless bird

Kiwi is a colloquial term used for the people of New Zealand, but also the name of a big flightless bird that’s native to the country, and the name of a fruit.

There really are more sheep than people

You might have heard this rumour and if you live in New Zealand you’ll know it’s most definitely true. You might not see many around the cities but it doesn’t take long to drive into rural areas in New Zealand and from there you’ll see endless green fields and hill areas and lots and lots of sheep.

It’s very expensive

Things can get pricey in New Zealand, especially clothes and other items because many of them are imported.

The internet is not great

New Zealand has a long way to go when it comes to internet speeds, currently we’re well behind the speeds of pretty much every other country in the world. Seriously, people in the middle of rural Africa have faster connections.