Why Electric Motorbikes are the New Trend

Electric Motorbikes

Motorcycles have long been a symbol of freedom and rebellion for many, and for some, they’ve just been convenient, cost-effective ways to get around. Now, there is a new option that embodies, and even increases the value, of both those traits.

Electric motorbikes have been around for a while, but they were never really on par with their gasoline-based counterparts; resulting in low sales and few options on the market.

Now, that seems to be changing. They’re becoming more popular than ever before, and the market has seen a massive increase in brands offering them.

Why is that? Let’s check it out.

Traditional and Modern Aesthetics Available

A lot of electric motorbike models in the past looked like hyper-futuristic gizmos that didn’t embody any of the aesthetic traits people know and love motorcycles for. In fact, many of them looked like electric scooters than many bikers wouldn’t be caught dead driving.

As the technology behind electric motorbikes advanced, it became possible for manufacturers to drop the futuristic look and create bikes that don’t look any different than petrol-fueled versions.

However, the futuristic look is still around for those who enjoy it, and there are even sportier models available that match the sleek look of exotic motorbikes.

Believe it or not, the form of a motorcycle has just as much to do with its popularity as its function does. Now that there are electric options that match consumers’ visual expectations, more people are willing to give them a try.


A big reason motorbikes of all kinds are popular is because they’re more efficient than cars or other vehicles. They get exceptional mileage, can maneuver through traffic more effectively and are more than capable of handling all of a single traveler’s needs without requiring a lot of upkeep.

With electric motorbikes, this trait isn’t just exemplified; it’s exaggerated exponentially.

Electric motorbikes completely remove fuel costs (if you go with a 100% electric option), retain the impressive mileage motorbikes are known for and have advanced to have comparable amounts of power to their petrol counterparts.

In the end, this makes them a lot more cost-effective to drive long-term, and they no longer sacrifice the must-have mileage and power that bikers love.

This is slightly offset by their higher upfront cost compared to purchasing a standard motorbike, but the lack of fuel costs quickly makes up for that.

Brand Options

Like we said before, there weren’t a lot of electric motorbikes on the market ten years ago, and there were virtually none 20 years ago. The few available options were from niche brands that didn’t have the marketing power or reputation that entices customers to hop on a new product.

Now, that is completely changed. With electric vehicle technology developing at a faster rate than ever before, the world’s top brands are developing high-quality electric motorbikes in mass; something customers around the world are taking note of.

They’re Better Than Ever; Get Yours, Today

As you can see, electric motorbikes aren’t the novelty they used to be. Now, they’re genuine motorbikes that will impress even the most traditional bikers. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the best options on the market, today.